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Adult Confidential (Chapter 35)

TITLE: Adult Confidential

WRITER: Laragh


DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and any other characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise belong to Joss Whedon, FOX, ME and a whole host of other entities, none of which are me.

PAIRING: Willow/Tara (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

SUMMARY: They’ve graduated, now they’re faced with the big, bad world of adulthood…the second part in the prequel series of Hacker Confidential and Family Confidential (and follow-up to College Confidential)

SPOILERS: Perhaps minor references to the show or stealage of dialogue, but nothing that would spoil the series.

FEEDBACK: Yes please

Chapter 35


Tara shrugged the paper bag of groceries up in her arms to stop it from falling under her as she ascended the steps towards the apartment.

When she got to the door, she tried to balance the bag with one hand to retrieve her key, but when her apples almost went flying she just leaned in and rapped her knuckles against the door instead.

Willow opened it after a few moments, smiling cheerily.

“Hey you.”

Willow kissed Tara’s cheek and closed the door behind them, then went to a basket of half-folded clean clothes on the table and continued folding them.

Tara couldn’t help but return the smile as she passed by to get the groceries into the kitchen.

“Hello to you, lovely. I’ve never seen you so happy to do laundry,” she commented, looking at Willow curiously as she got her apples safely put in the fruit bowl, “What’re you smiling about?”

Willow grinned mysteriously for a moment, but she couldn’t help but blurt it out.

“I got a job!”

“You did?” Tara asked, delighted, “That’s so great. I didn’t even know you were interviewing.”

“I wasn’t,” Willow replied giddily, “Spotted a ‘help wanted’ sign in a convenience store. They needed a night clerk and I’m it!”

Tara paused with the bread still half in the bag.


Willow nodded eagerly.

“I know it’ll take a while to get used to, but it’s good money and hey, it’s a job. Which I was starting to think I’d never get since my only reference is ‘she’s a customer-abusing liability’.”

“Right,” Tara replied, trying not to show her uncertainty.

“It’s a good thing,” Willow gushed, “Because fewer customers equal less pressure equal less likely for Willow to blow her top. I’ll have to unload deliveries and restock and man the register for the fewer customers that do come in. And the owner didn’t even check my references, saw previous experience in Starbucks and hired me. I don’t think he even noticed it was only for a couple of weeks. It’s perfect!”

“It…sure sounds it,” Tara replied, trying to sound enthusiastic, “Where is it?”

“A store in Roxbury,” Willow answered.

Tara’s eyebrow arched.

“Roxbury? What were you doing in that part of town?”

Willow was bouncing on her feet and clearly on top of the world from her productive day.

“Doing Brian a favour. He had a rare comic book they’d only hold ‘til the end of the day and couldn’t get off work before 6.”

Tara trashed the empty grocery bag, regretting she had forgotten her reusable one.

“That was nice of you.”

Willow juggled with the balled up socks, oblivious to Tara’s uneasy manner.

“I wasn't doing anything and he paid for me to get lunch. Got a burrito with extra guac and Mexican lemonade. Ate it on a little bench, in a park. There were kids playing in the playground. It was nice.”

“It’s 40 minutes away,” Tara commented, a little abruptly.

“An hour at night,” Willow corrected, still beaming as if she wasn’t talking about an extended journey on public transport, “A train and a bus or two buses.”

“That’s a long commute,” Tara reasoned.

Willow barked out a laugh.

“I’ve sent out a million resumes, had a handful of interviews and one, ONE, actual job that I was promptly fired from. I’d commute to Connecticut if I had to. This is a breeze in comparison and it’s 6 days at various times between 9pm to 9am depending on what other cover there is, so it’s good money.”

Tara tried not to balk at the hours or the days.

“Well…you know I’m very proud of you,” she said, hesitating for a moment before continuing, “We won’t get to see much of each other.”

Willow settled the socks and looked up at Tara.

“I’ll have a day off…not consistently, but we’ll at least get an evening together and hopefully sometimes it’s a weekend day.”

Tara could see her doubt was starting to seep into Willow and she knew she had to quash it immediately.

“It’s great. I’m so happy for you. And so proud of you.”

“You are?” Willow asked hopefully.

Tara opened her arms to offer a hug.

“Of course I am.”

Willow hurried over to accept it, squeezing Tara tight.

“That’s all I want; you to be proud of me.”

Tara kissed the top of Willow’s head.

“I’ve always been proud of you.”

“Well now you can be extra-extra proud,” Willow replied happily.

Tara pulled back to hold Willow by the shoulders. She looked her in her eye.

“I am. I mean that.”

And she did.

She’d support Willow all day, every day.

And every night.

Tara rinsed off the last dish from dinner and left it in the dishwasher. She added the detergent and set it to the light cycle.

As she finished off cleaning the kitchen by wiping down the counters, Willow came out from the bedroom in a green polo shirt and black slacks. She lifted her messenger bag from the table and put it across herself.

Tara dropped the cloth in the sink and held back a sigh, instead offering a smile.

“Leaving already?”

Willow nodded.

“Have to get there early for my first day…night…get shown the ropes. And, you know, buses aren’t always reliable and stuff.”

Tara nodded back.

“Of course.”

Willow stopped adjusting her bag and looked over to Tara.

“Are you okay?”

Tara forced her lips to remain quirked upwards.

“I’m just great,” she said and walked around to offer Willow an encouraging kiss on the cheek, “Lots of luck, sweetie.”

“Thanks,” Willow replied, holding onto the strap on her bag like a freshman on the first day of school, “So I guess I’ll see you in the A.M.”

“I will see you then,” Tara confirmed.

She pecked Willow again and waved her goodbye before shutting the door as Willow left.

She stared at the empty room for a few moments before pushing herself off the door again.

She flopped down on the couch, exhaled slowly and grabbed the remote to acquaint herself with her new evening companion.

Two rickety bus rides later, Willow arrived not far away from her new place of employment.

The streets were dark and a couple of street lights were out, so she hurried around the corner to the convenience store.

The overhead lights flickered as she walked in and a little bell rang. She hoped that wouldn’t get annoying.

She braced herself and walked over to the sales counter.

There were two men behind it; one, a young looking high school or college student, staring ahead, bored and the other a man in his mid-late twenties, seeming uninterested as he tried to unjam the cigarette machine.

Willow approached nervously, playing with the strap on her bag.

“Hi…I’m Willow.”

The younger one blinked once at Willow, in what would have seemed patronising if he wasn’t radiating such palpable teenage indifference.

Willow shifted on her feet and tried not to seem intimidated.

“I’m supposed to start work tonight.”

The cigarette machine rattled and a mangled pack of Camels fell out the end. The older guy turned at the same time.

“Oh, new girl. You’re early. Great,” he said as he inspected the cigarettes, not really looking at Willow.

He tossed the cigarettes to the other guy, but took one out to tuck behind his own ear.

“Knock off in a few if you want,” he said, then added on quietly, “Let me get this newbie started.”

The other guy nodded in acknowledgement and pocked the cigarettes quickly. Willow hoped he was at least old enough to buy them legally, but she was pulled away from the situation into the back room before she could ponder it too much.

“Door code is 9321. You got that?”

Willow bristled at the abruptness but quickly nodded, thankful she had an eidetic memory when it came to facts and figures.

The man flicked his wrist towards a little cubby hole in the corner.

“You can leave your stuff in there.”

Willow wasn’t entirely confident for the safety of her possessions, but reasoned she didn’t have much choice. She pushed her bag in with her coat on top so she’d know if anyone tampered with it.

She turned back around and the guy had stepped up close to her, so much so that Willow jumped back in fright. She at least was close enough to read his name tag, Jon.

Jon wasted no time as he began to jab at things on the large noticeboard.

“Shift calendar, stock sheet, delivery sheet. That tells you what needs restocking and when. You’ll do inventory twice a week and the manager – that’s me – will arrange deliveries. There’s the checklist for what needs to be cleaned. Cleaning supplies are in this closet.”

He banged on the door of a small utility closet.

“Safe is in there too. Same code as the door.”

He headed towards the door and knocked on a machine attached to the wall.

“Clock in, clock out. Find your name.”

Willow found her sheet and pulled it in and out of the machine. It clicked her timestamp into place and she returned it to the slot.

Jon was already heading out the door, so Willow had to rush after him. He brought Willow out into the store again and nodded for the teenager to head off, who pretty much ran out of there before he changed his mind.

Jon rushed Willow right over to the cash register and spent no more than 10 seconds conducting a swift example transaction.

“This is the register. Money in, money out, receipt. Don’t leave it open between sales.”

Only for that it was the same kind of register she used in Starbucks, Willow would have been completely lost.

“You know how to face off?” Jon asked as he was still ripping the receipt from the printer.

Willow nodded.


“Great. Do that,” Jon replied, scrunching the receipt and tossing it in the trash, “That should be it for tonight. Mostly only get truckers or insomniacs at night. The cameras are only for show, so make sure you give the right change. Can’t back you up in a dispute. Got it?”

“I…yes,” Willow replied, trying very hard not to make it sound like a question.

Jon disappeared into the back room again and returned moments later popping his collar on a jacket.

“Are you leaving?” Willow asked, dumbfounded.

Jon paused and looked at her, annoyed.

“You were told there’s only one sales associate on staff at night, right?”

“Right,” Willow replied with a nod, then added on in a mutter, “Just didn’t know I was being thrown into the deep end.”

Willow didn’t know if Jon heard or not, but he didn’t seem to care.

“You’ll get relieved at 6am.”

He didn’t even say goodbye and disappeared out through the doors, clicking the button on his keys to open his car.

Willow stared out the window as he drove away.

“Thanks for the very thorough induction.”

It was the most half-assed training she could have imagined, but Willow had already sensed she was working in a bit of a half-assed place. She would take what she could get, though, and knew things like registers, inventory and stocking appealed to her non-customer based retail skills, if not necessarily her passions.

There were certainly worse ways to spend a paid shift of work.

Like hard labour. In prison.

The store was eerily empty, so Willow dashed in to check the cleaning schedule. She had it memorised in thirty seconds and brought out the mop to start on the floor, which was plenty sticky from the at least one day's worth of feet dragged along it.

She guessed others had not-so-religiously stuck to the schedule, but that wasn’t about to put her off. If it was written, she would do it. She was excited to be able to bring home some extra bacon to Tara.

She cleaned the grease off the hot dog machine, wiped every ledge she could find and faced off every single packet, can and bottle in the store. All without a single customer coming through the doors.

It was pushing into the very wee hours of the morning and Willow was starting to struggle to stay awake. She’d made a strong coffee but it was like sludge and she couldn’t stomach it. Instead, every so often she’d flick herself with water and give her cheek a little slap.

At some stage, at a very dark hour, the bell above the door rang and Willow realised she was very glad it was there as she had been dangerously close to nodding off. Having the whole store robbed on her first night because she fell asleep would have been a less than ideal start to her new job.

A large man in a trucker hat squeaked through the store, filling a 32 ounce cup with soda and concealing two hot dogs under multiple layers of mustard and relish.

Willow tried not to grimace as she rang up the sale and wondered if she should be charging extra for the sheer amount of condiments, but there was no button for that, so she didn’t.

She checked the change, ripped the receipt and handed it all back.

“Thank you, come again,” Willow said, then frowned, hoping she hadn’t inadvertently put on a bad Indian accent too.

Another male customer, young with messy hair and bloodshot eyes stomped in and pushed his way to the counter.

“Gimme 20 Marlboro,” he grumbled.

Willow realised she hadn’t been shown how to use the cigarette machine, but she was able to figure it out after looking at the buttons for a minute.

She placed them on the counter and he scoffed.

“I said reds you dope.”

Willow was pretty sure he hadn't and didn't like being sneered at.

“Hey,” the trucker, who had been on his way out, chirped up, “You be polite to the young lady.”

The man snarled in his direction.

“Or what?”

The trucked took a step towards them and the man suddenly panicked. He grabbed the 'wrong' cigarettes, threw cash down and ran out. Willow tendered the sale and put the change in the little ‘leave a penny, take a penny’ bowl.

“Thank you,” she said graciously to the trucker.

He tipped his hat politely and went back into his truck. Willow smiled at the encounter, grateful for her knight in the peaked hat.

She felt bad for her attitude towards his mustard and vowed to never make a condiment based judgement on a person again.

An hour before she was due to get off work, she started in on replenishing the hot beverage machines, the pastry oven and the breakfast sandwich bar. She loved making everything sit so neatly, even knowing it wouldn’t be long before it was destroyed again. It felt good to have pride in her work.

Just as first bright began to shine in through the windows, a pale girl with long black hair came in wearing much the same uniform as Willow, but a lot more dishevelled. She looked tired as she walked forwards.

“You must be the new night clerk.”

Willow lifted her hand in a wave.

“Yeah. Willow. Hi.”

The girl gave her a withering look.

“Better you than me.”

Willow’s brow furrowed and the girl just let out a long sigh. She looked all around and seemed somewhat pleased with how she found the place.

“You restocked. Thanks,” she said, then nodded behind the counter, “Did you balance your register?”

Willow blinked a few times.


The girl rolled her eyes.

“Let me guess. No one bothered to show you?”

Willow’s silence answered the question and the girl came behind the counter.

“I can’t wait ‘til I transfer from community college so I can get out of this place,” she muttered, “Let me show you.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” Willow said gratefully.

The girl showed Willow the process and printed the point of sale tally. She switched out the registers and handed Willow hers.

“Go count this, make sure it matches. Then put it in an envelope in the safe.”

Willow went into the back room to count out the register safely and was happy to see it balanced. She secured it away, double checked the safe door and stood for a moment to catch herself and appreciate a first shift well done.

She got her things from her cubby and got her jacket on before heading out again.

“You clock out?” the girl asked.

“Yes,” Willow nodded and lifted her fingers in a wave, “Um, have a nice day.”

The girl paused to look up at her.

“Hey…good luck.”

“…thanks?” Willow replied unsurely, hesitated for a moment, then left.

The cool morning breeze hit her face and made her step up her pace to get around the corner to the bus stop. As she rounded it, she saw one sitting there and ran to catch, delighted when she jumped on moments before the doors closed.

Pleased to not have to sit in the cold, she sat near the front so she could jump off when her first stop came about.

The first bus was only fifteen minutes, which she spent catching up on her social media on her phone, but the second was forty and she found it hard not to snuggle up in a corner to close her eyes.

The last thing she needed was to miss her stop, so she ended up offering her seat to a standing woman. She stood and the regular jostling kept her more than alert to get off at the stop on the end of their street.

She walked up to their building and pressed the code to get in, but was confused when she couldn’t open the door. She tried several more times, growing ever frustrated, until she realised she was putting in the door code for the store.

She blushed and looked around as if someone was ready and waiting to laugh at her, then finally entered the right code and stepped inside. She checked the mail and brought it up to the apartment, where she snuck in quietly as she knew Tara would be getting her last few minutes of sleep.

She left her things down quietly on the table and saw a plate with a sandwich wrapped up there, along with a sticky note in the shape of a heart.

I hope your first day night went well.
Eat up. You know I don’t like you not getting a lunch break.
Love you lots.

Willow hadn’t realised how hungry she was and tore into the sandwich. It was her favourite, turkey and Swiss with the perfect amount of mustard.

Mr Trucker Man was nice but Tara definitely has mustard ratios down pat.

She finished the sandwich off in less than two minutes and decided she was just going to head straight to bed. She brushed her teeth, stripped down to her panties and very carefully slid under the covers.

Tara turned over as Willow got into bed and her arm instinctively went around her girlfriend’s waist. Her senses were stirred by more warmth in the bed and her eyelids softly flickered open.

She smiled lazily and reached up to brush a strand of hair from Willow’s brow.


Willow cuddled in and pressed a kiss into the crook of Tara’s neck.

“Go back to sleep, baby. You don’t need to get up yet.”

Tara settled her cheek on Willow’s chest.

“How’d it go?”

Willow relaxed as she curled some of Tara’s hair between her fingers.

“Yeah, good. Definitely not as…corporate as Starbucks, but that’s okay. Only had about three customers all night.”

Tara nuzzled on the spot, much happier not to be in bed alone any longer.

“I’m so glad it went well, sweetie.”

As she nuzzled she became aware of how bare Willow’s skin was. She turned her lips in and pressed a kiss above Willow’s breast.

Her sleepy eyes glanced upwards to Willow, who looked back with her lips slightly parted.

Tara returned a sloping smirk and quickly looked at the clock to assess how much time they had. She arched her eyebrow suggestively, then continued kissing the bottom of Willow’s collarbone and began to slowly disappear downwards under the blanket.

Willow’s head lolled back softly into the pillow. Her eyes closed to focus on the hum of her body as Tara’s lips left their whisper of caresses on her skin.

She felt the smooth rush of fabric down her legs as Tara pulled her panties off, then the warm press of Tara’s hands on her thighs.

Her thighs were parted and Willow knew she was wet already. She struggled not to try and squeeze them back together.

Her hips made an occasional squirm as Tara kissed her thighs and she began vocalising loud moans when gentle nibbles were brought into play.

Tara loved the sound of a Willow-moan in the morning and slid her hand up to Willow’s stomach, lightly raking her nails there.

She felt the muscles jump and Willow’s thighs tremble while more arousal easily spilled out.

Her tongue fell out at the crease of Willow’s thigh and teased her lips. She felt their little quiver and soothed them with a long, thorough lick.

Willow fell open immediately and Tara had a good view, even under the cloak of the sheet.

Her belly bubbled with desire and one arm wrapped around Willow’s thigh. It kept Willow open and gave Tara some leverage as she moved her head into position.

A moan burst through Willow’s teeth as she felt the first flash of warmth on her clit. Her hips began to move, looking for more.

Tara obliged and didn’t make Willow’s exhausted self wait. She tongued Willow’s clit and used her lips to add in extra sensation. It didn’t take long for the hand on her head to appear, just to make sure she wouldn’t let up.

Willow’s hand floated above the sheet, pressing Tara in every so often when she hit a particularly sensitive spot.

The muscles in her thighs clamped and released and soon her breath was growing short. She bit her lower lip inside her mouth but quickly let go when the orgasm rushed through her, taking the breath from her lungs.

Tara stayed where she was and massaged Willow’s stomach to help unwind the last of that tension. After a few moments passed, she quickly wiped her mouth on the sheet and popped out above.

Willow brought the backs of her hands up to wipe her brow as Tara emerged. Willow stared at her for a moment in awe, then grabbed her cheeks and pulled her down to kiss.

She pulled at Tara’s sleep tank and underwear until their bodies could welcome each other in a grind.

Tara kissed down into Willow’s neck, her body writhing with great need. Willow enjoyed the luxurious press of Tara’s body for several moments before she reached down between them and found her girlfriend’s clit.

Tara gently bit Willow’s neck, who groaned with pleasure. Tara was plenty wet, so Willow slid down and entered her slickly.

Tara squeezed Willow tightly inside and lifted herself up so she was straddling her.

Willow’s eyes greedily roamed Tara’s form but a gentle hip bucking from her girlfriend got her back on track quickly. She angled her hand and started to thrust, while Tara used her body to set the pace she wanted.

Tara dropped her hands to Willow’s chest and gently fondled her breasts. She closed her eyes and took some generous squeezes.

Willow almost grimaced at a particularly hard squeeze, but understood moments later when Tara sat right back and really started to ride her, clearly cresting on a wave.

She watched Tara lose herself, hands tangling in her own hair, then gently tugging it in a desperate need to release any tension.

Willow watched Tara’s hard nipples bounce on her chest and lifted herself into a sitting position to get her mouth around them.

Tara cried out and her hands gripped Willow’s shoulders. A few quick thrusts of her hips into Willow’s lap later and she crumbled into her girlfriend with a keening moan in her ear.

Willow kissed Tara’s neck a few times before collapsing back onto the bed, the exhaustion starting to get the better of her.

Just as Tara was able to pull in a steady breath, the alarm began its shrill bleating.

Tara’s hand went out to turn it off and she rested her hand there for a moment until she was sure her legs would work.

She leaned down and left a lingering kiss on Willow’s sleepy face.

“Goodnight, honey. See you later,” she said, before swinging her legs off the bed.

“Nigh',” Willow mumbled, breath already starting to even out.

Tara went off to start her day, while Willow settled down to end hers.


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