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Adult Confidential (Chapter 34)

TITLE: Adult Confidential

WRITER: Laragh


DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and any other characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise belong to Joss Whedon, FOX, ME and a whole host of other entities, none of which are me.

PAIRING: Willow/Tara (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

SUMMARY: They’ve graduated, now they’re faced with the big, bad world of adulthood…the second part in the prequel series of Hacker Confidential and Family Confidential (and follow-up to College Confidential)

SPOILERS: Perhaps minor references to the show or stealage of dialogue, but nothing that would spoil the series.

FEEDBACK: Yes please

Chapter 34


Tara walked through the elegant glass doors of the entrance of the hotel and paused to take in the lobby’s elegance.

There were lots of blacks, silvers and oranges in the décor, with plush leather couches and hanging chairs. Feature art pieces of all descriptions were tacked on, or hanging from walls, while others were free-standing in place. Some were indistinguishable as art or furniture.

Behind the reception desk was a giant fish tank embedded into the wall with multi-coloured tropical fish swimming around inside. The people manning the desk were wearing black slacks and each had a different coloured shirt to match the fish.

The other guests around the lobby and in the nearby bar had perfectly manicured nails — men and women, were wearing trendy clothing and most were continuing to wear their sunglasses indoors.

“Whoa,” Willow said as she came up behind, wheeling an overnight bag, “Alice thinks we’re this fashionable? Has she not peeked inside our closet?”

She glanced down at her print leggings and long grey sweater and hoped it was ‘neutral’ enough to get them through the check-in without a haughty sneer. She followed Tara over to the desk but hung back and waited just in case.

After a few minutes, Tara turned back with the room key, which was an old-fashioned, large gold keychain, like a janitor might have, with a modern key-card attached via a small hole punch.

“That’s…unnecessarily awkward,” Willow commented as they walked to the elevator.

The elevator had mirrors on each wall, with silver borders. The buttons had the numbers written in cursive instead of in figures.

Tara pressed ‘twenty’ and Willow quirked an eyebrow.

“We’re high.”

“Does that bother you?” Tara asked, “I can go ask to change rooms.”

Willow shook her head.

“No, it’s okay. I always liked going up to high rooms as a kid. I felt like I could keep going and fly like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Plus it’s fun to peer out the windows in the room knowing you’re safe. Hope this room has a decent window.”

The doors opened at their floor and a male voice spoke smoothly through speakers.

“Welcome to the twentieth floor. Enjoy your stay.”

Willow looked up, impressed.

“Virtual elevator operator. Cool.”

They followed the wall signs to end of the hallway where their room was. Tara flashed the card at the sensor on the door and she opened the door fully. She held it open for Willow to wheel in their bag behind her.

The main door opened into a small L-shaped cubby that had a closet to hang your clothes or leave your luggage in. You could continue through another door straight into a grand marble bathroom, or turn right into the main bedroom.

They went into the room, which featured a sleek king-sized bed with black leather headboard and crisp white linen, a slim rectangular cabinet at the foot of it and an oak desk beside it, back against the wall that led to the bathroom. A black leather work chair was tucked under with the hotel’s logo in orange embossed on the back.

They were walking on soft, grey carpet that cushioned them even in their shoes. The lighting features, both lamps on the desk and uplighting on the wall, were orange, which matched the décor of the lobby.

They were in a corner room and the only concrete wall was behind the bed, where they’d walked in from. All the others were floor-to-ceiling windows with white pillars between for support. They had remote-controlled black-out blinds and absolutely breath-taking views of the city since the hotel was just on the outskirts.

“You definitely got your window,” Tara commented as she closed the door behind them.

Willow dropped the handle on the bag and wandered over to the windows, stunned.

“Woah,” she said, placing her palms and nose flat against the glass as she stared out.

Tara was equally impressed and came to stand beside Willow, placing a hand on the small of her back.

“You’re saying that a lot.”

Willow peeled her face away to cast a glance at Tara.

“I better save my last one for getting you naked later,” she quipped with a grin, then felt a little unsteady as her eyes tried to focus two windows at once, “You wouldn’t want to have vertigo in this room. I love it.”

She sat onto the bed with a bounce and laid back.

“Now this is comfort. Come check out the mattress.”

Tara sat on the side of the bed and pressed her palm into the mattress. She swung her legs up and cosied up to Willow.

“That’s one way to trick me into bed.”

Willow hooked a finger in Tara’s belt loop and nudged their hips a little closer together.

“You’ve always come willingly.”

Tara threw a leg over Willow’s waist and pressed her stomach against her at an angle.

“Well, when such beauty awaits me…”

She leaned in and Willow pulled her the last few inches by way of a finger beneath her chin. When their lips met, Willow’s fingers fell into Tara’s neck and she grasped the back of it to tug her girlfriend fully on top of her.

She felt Tara’s thigh slide between her legs and her thin leggings didn’t leave much restriction in sensation. She made a muffled, surprised sound against Tara’s lips.

Tara pulled back for a moment and grinned at Willow, who blushed.

“What was that?” Tara asked teasingly, tickling Willow’s cheek with her finger.

“That was ‘please keep going’,” Willow replied breathlessly, her hips squirming under Tara, “Emphasis on the ‘please’. And even more on the ‘keep going’.”

Tara pressed her middle finger against the seam of Willow’s pants and found the outline of her lips. She rubbed up and down, slowly.

Willow bit her bottom lip as a moan vibrated past. She could feel her dampness emerging and her clit beginning to twitch. She felt that pop in her abdomen to signal the first rush of lust.

Tara’s hand cupped Willow fully, who gasped unexpectedly. Tara took the opportunity when Willow’s back was arched to lift the sweater over her head.

Willow had nothing on underneath, so Tara drew small circles on her girlfriend’s nipples.

“We came to a fancy hotel and you didn’t even wear a bra.”

Willow caught her breath but it was increasingly becoming laboured again under Tara’s touch.

“I’m not Juggzilla like you.”

Tara’s hands curved around Willow’s breasts and squeezed.

“Who wants monsters when you have perfect little pixies to play with?”

Willow’s hands lifted and she began to quickly unbutton Tara’s shirt.


She dragged the shirt down Tara’s arms and sat herself up to reach behind and unsnap Tara’s bra. It fell between them and Willow flicked it away.

As soon as Willow’s hands touched Tara’s breasts, Tara moved away, much to Willow’s chagrin. Tara grabbed a pillow and held it to her chest.

“Hang on.”

She crept over to the door, opened it a crack and ducked her head around. She closed it again a moment later and crossed the bolt bar over the door for good measure.

“Do not disturb sign,” she said as she appeared out from the cubby again.

“Right,” Willow replied with a sage nod of her head, “Don’t want to get walked in on again.”

Tara climbed back onto the bed and left the pillow back in its spot. She placed her hands back on Willow’s hips, but Willow was looking sideways out the window.

“…do you think people in other buildings can see in?”

Tara glanced around. While there were other high-rise buildings nearby, they were on the far side of them.

“Not from this angle. Maybe if we were in a room on the opposite side of the hotel,” she said, then pointed to the nearest building, which also had long windows, “Can you see in there?”

Willow couldn’t see anything, especially with the bright sun.


Tara smiled.

“Then they can’t see us.”

Willow nodded, but didn’t seem convinced.

“I kinda feel like I’m in a showroom.”

“I can pull the blinds,” Tara offered, and reached for the remote on the nightstand.

Willow shook her head.

“No, I love the light…”

Tara turned the remote and saw a note stuck onto the back. She grinned and waved it at Willow.

“The windows have privacy tinting.”

Willow grinned back and pulled Tara to her again.


She stroked her girlfriend’s hair, shining brightly with the sun rays behind her.

“Then I’m taking full advantage of haloed Tara.”

Tara dropped the remote and leaned back over Willow.

“You can take all the advantage you want.”

Willow giggled and they fell back onto the bed together. Willow’s fingertips brushed Tara’s cheeks as she kissed her; the pads tracing the curve of her jaw.

Tara’s hand easily grabbed a handful of Willow’s stretchy leggings and yanked them past her knees. Willow brought her legs up to wrench herself free and while she was doing so, Tara slipped off the end of the bed to drop her skirt and panties.

Willow ended up swinging back on her elbows and stared at Tara, stunned.

“There is something so incredibly sexy about you standing there exposed at all angles…even though I know no one can see in. Like I can show you off to the world while still being all mine, mine, mine.”

Tara pretty much jumped back onto the bed and crawled over Willow in that slow, seductive way that hit Willow bang between the legs every time.

Tara’s thighs skidded past Willow’s and she pressed a kiss under one of Willow’s ears.


Her stomach brushed Willow’s and her mouth went to the other ear.


Finally Tara slid up flush with Willow and kissed her in the sensitive skin at the hollow of her throat.


Willow was near the most distressed she’d ever been that she hadn’t taken her own panties off yet, such was the allure of the sweet press of Tara’s body. She made a push at them, but Tara was pinning her in place.

Tara knew impatient wiggling when she felt it, so she trailed her lips down past Willow’s bellybutton and took the little bow that fronted Willow’s panties between her teeth.

She looked up to catch Willow’s eye, quirked her parted lips on one side in a smirk and tugged the panties down.

Willow flooded on the spot, as any baring of Tara’s teeth made her.

Tara returned up to Willow and again pressed their now thankfully both nude bodies into each other. Willow’s hand palmed beneath Tara’s shoulder, then caressed downwards until it curved over Tara’s rear. She took a generous handful and had a squeeze.

Tara glanced over her shoulder, then back at Willow with a smile as she grinded her hips down into her.

“I hope one of those news choppers with the ultra-bright lights doesn’t pass by.”

Willow dug her fingernails into Tara’s butt, dimpling it.

“Sexiest ass in the world discovered. Film at 11.”

Tara rolled her chest so their breasts and nipples brushed together.

“That would put my unwitting sex tape number at: two.”

Willow kept Tara’s gaze, though breathlessly.

“Can’t blame me this time.”

“You made me be on top,” Tara replied, making full use of the position to rub Willow from every angle.

Willow was going red just about everywhere and losing moisture in her mouth, but was determined to retort.

“I may have put you there, but you demanded you stay.”

Tara could see the state Willow was getting in to and she wasn’t far off it herself. She pressed their faces together and shared breath with Willow.

“I demand that you kiss me.”

Willow gratefully took the out and pulled Tara into a deep, messy kiss.

Neither sought to separate, in fact staying as locked in with the other as possible. They did use the large space of the bed to roll around and take turns being in the dominant position.

Hands groped and fondled everywhere but Tara was the first to take it further. She got Willow beneath her, pinned an arm above their heads and used her other hand to brush against Willow’s curls.

Willow’s abdominal muscles jumped and she felt herself begin to trickle. Her thighs rubbed together but they were quickly parted again as Tara’s hand slipped between Willow’s legs and stroked her lips.

Willow moaned softly, then a little louder as Tara’s finger twirled past her clit. Willow bucked up and Tara sank her fingers deeper, probing her opening for a moment before sliding inside.

Willow’s body arched and she took them deeply, squeezing Tara inside to fill her completely.

Tara thrust inside Willow while their bodies slickly skid together. Continuing to hold Willow’s arm above her head, she kissed her deeply, pulling Willow’s tongue into her mouth.

Willow’s head was physically lifted off the bed and she used the force of the kiss to pull Tara back down. She broke the restraint and turned Tara on her back, much to her girlfriend's surprise.

Tara felt Willow’s lips fall into her neck and her eyelids fluttered closed with pleasure. She started to move her hand back between Willow’s legs, but Willow joined her this time and their wrists crossed as they entered each other.

Willow felt the vibrations of Tara’s moans through her lips pressed to Tara’s throat. Her tongue fell out to taste her girlfriend’s salty, sweet skin.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she tongue dipped under Tara’s ear, “You taste good from top to bottom.”

Her mouth moved down to Tara’s breasts, tonguing her nipples greedily.

Tara was finding her mind starting to cloud, so dragged her fingers out of Willow and slid them up to rub her clit. Willow was shaking moments later, groaning out a release with her teeth still lightly pulling Tara’s nipple.

Tara lifted her wet fingers to her breast and gently coated the other nipple and areola with Willow’s excitement. Willow watched it glisten at her invitingly and latched on immediately. It was exciting, but not as exciting as tasting Tara and she was soon continuing down to sample her directly.

Tara’s bottom lip quivered with pleasure as Willow’s mouth and tongue bathed and soothed her sensitive flesh.

Her hips rolled around the bed and took Willow’s head with her, locked tightly to offer everything she had. The silken sheets were caught in her hands, bunched between her fingers as her body strained with the promise of orgasm.

Finally it broke, to a long moan lost to the headboard and a body arched completely off the bed.

When Tara’s body settled again, Willow kissed her way back up and rolled her palm one last time against Tara’s still rock hard nipple.

“Nothing like some anniversary afternoon delight.”

She smirked, claimed Tara’s lips for several moments, then fell back onto the comfortable mattress beside her.

“We should stay in bed all day. This room is stunning and you’re even more so.”

Tara was suitably flattered but had to disappoint.

“We have facials booked.”

“Oh, right,” Willow replied, sighing softly, “I completely forgot.”

Tara brushed her fingers against Willow’s arm, then swung her legs off and went into the bathroom.

Willow stretched out across the large bed and noticed a TV remote sitting on the nightstand. She picked it up, confused.

“Why is there a TV remote with no TV?” she asked out loud, then pressed the red button, which caused a large television to appear up from the cabinet at the end of the bed, “Holy shit, that’s cool!”

The toilet flushed and Tara returned, gathering up her clothes.

“We can watch TV at home.”

“Not on one that appears from nowhere!” Willow countered animatedly.

Tara picked up Willow’s shirt and tossed it at her.

“Put some clothes on.”

Willow grumbled as she caught it.

“That’s my least favourite thing you’ve ever said.”

Tara just hummed to herself as she dressed.

“Nice bath in there. We should make the most of it later.”

Willow grinned.

“That’s better.”

They finished getting dressed and made their way back through the crowd of hipsters in the lobby to get to the spa. The windows on the way in were double-panelled and had water trickling between like rain. There was a half-moon desk that had a petite woman in linens sitting behind, tapping away at a computer.

“Hi, we have an appointment,” Tara said as they approached, “It’s probably under Maclay.”

The woman typed the name in and smiled pleasantly.

“I see you’re booked in for facials and an additional half-hour treatment,” she said, reading from the screen before looking up at them. “Would you like a seaweed wrap or Indian head massage?”

“Alice told me that seaweed wrap is very invigorating,” Tara said, turning over a leaflet on the desk to read about it.

“Well I’ve never had any desire to be wrapped in algae, so I’ll take the head massage,” Willow added.

The woman typed and gestured towards a door off to the side.

“Great, if you’d like to walk through your facial technicians are waiting for you.”

They walked into a treatment room with white walls and soft, brown furnishings. Music filled with rhythmic bells played softly over a speaker, supplemented by wind chimes hanging near the open window.

There were two leather treatment tables laid out with a woman standing by each, organising various creams and balms.

They greeted Willow and Tara warmly and guided each to a table and encouraged them to get comfortable, providing extra pillows and a blanket to drape across them.

“Do you have any allergies or skin sensitivities I should know about?” Tara’s technician asked in a soft, muted tone that was melodious with the music.

Tara shook her head as the technician used a head band to cover her hairline.

“Do you prefer mango or papaya scent?” she asked.

“Mango, I think,” Tara decided and heard Willow answering the same way.

The scent quickly filled the room as the mask was rubbed into each of their faces. They both felt a gentle tingle in their cheeks, then a washcloth was placed over their faces.

The technicians left through a door, dimming the lights on the way.

Willow pulled the corner of her cloth down, peeked out and made sure they were alone.

“Tara?” she stage-whispered.

“Yeah?” Tara asked from under the cloth.

The room was quiet for a moment before Willow spoke again.

“Is your one…a little handsy?”

Tara’s cloth moved as her nose scrunched beneath.


“I’m getting a bit of a neck massage,” Willow answered.

Tara settled her head again.

“That’s part of it.”

“Are you sure?” Willow questioned doubtfully.

“Yes,” Tara answered assuredly “But if you’re uncomfortable just tell her.”

“I’m not…” Willow replied cautiously, “If you’re not.”

“No, I’m not jealous if that’s what you’re asking,” Tara replied, smirking slightly, “Unless she creeps down to your boobs.”

Willow flicked her cloth back onto her face.

“Okay, good, because it’s super relaxing.”

Their tables were close together, so Tara was able to reach out and poke Willow in the side.

“Hey!” Willow replied through a giggle.

She intended to poke back but the door swung open again and she had to keep her hands to herself.

Their masks were rubbed off and moisturiser applied liberally. When they finished up, they were brought to different rooms for their second treatment.

Willow sat in a comfortable chair to wait on her masseuse while Tara was brought into a cubicle to change into paper underwear and then to a new table by herself. A new technician came in and introduced herself and quickly got down to covering Tara’s body in a heavy paste. It was pungent but there were other, fruitier smells in the room to take the toxicity of the scent away.

She was then swaddled in a thermal blanket and told to lie back and relax.

The heat did help her muscles relax and she felt her pores opening through the sweat. It put her in a pleasant, semi-unconscious state and it felt like 5 minutes, not 30 when the technician returned.

Once unswaddled, Tara had a warm shower to wash the mask away and then she was covered top to toe in more moisturiser. She wasn’t sure it had actually done anything, but she sure felt great and that was gratifying enough.

She dressed again, brushed her hair through and left it down. She smiled at herself, feeling light and refreshed.

She waited for Willow in the lobby, who was out to her minutes later, smiling too.

“You’re glowing.”

Tara offered her arm.

“You’re just happy because of all the hands you’ve had on you today.”

“What can I say, I’m easily pleased,” Willow replied, blushing.

They returned to the room and changed into evening dresses for dinner – Tara’s knee-length and blue, while Willow’s had long sleeves and was a complimentary soft purple.

Tara put the hair clip Willow had gotten her for their last anniversary in her hair and touched up her make-up.

She came out of the bathroom and Willow dropped what was in her hands in surprise. She flushed and bent to pick them up before straightening up again.

“You look lovely,” she said softly, “Four years and you still stun me.”

Tara pressed her fingers to her lipstick-covered lips, then pressed those fingers to Willow’s lips. Willow smiled and dangled a necklace from a hand on each finger.

“I couldn’t decide which one of these I wanted to wear but this one got all tangled in my bag,” she said, wiggling the tangled necklace on her left hand.

Tara put her palm under the necklace and gathered it up.

“Lemme see.”

She took it and gently de-knotted the chain until it hung free. She tied it around Willow’s neck and left her admiring it in the mirror before returning moments later with a gift in tissue paper.

“Now it won’t get tangled again.”

Willow’s brow creased curiously and she opened the tissue. Inside was a wooden jewellery box with a little wooden heart glued to the front and Willow engraved in cursive across the top.

“Tara, it’s beautiful,” Willow said, popping the top to store her second necklace away safely.

“Well I’ve gotten you a lot of jewellery over the years…I thought I should get you something to put it in,” Tara replied shyly, “I may have added a little flair.”

“I can see. It’s perfectly Tarafied,” Willow replied fondly as she put her arms around Tara, “Thank you so much.”

She leaned back and pecked Tara gently so as not to disturb her lipstick.

“You have to wait for yours.”

Tara smirked seductively.

“I don’t mind a little anticipation.”

Willow exhaled, carefully set her gift down and took Tara’s arm.


“Love to,” Tara replied with a charming smile.

They walked down to the restaurant and were seated immediately despite the place being quite full. Most of the other patrons were men in fedora style hats and women with lots of differently coloured hair. It was all very vibrant and fun.

Tara looked at the upturned wine glass at their table acting as a candle holder and smiled.

“I have always liked quirky.”

Willow was perusing the menu and her brow was creasing often.

“What the hell is ‘russet potato mousseline infused with organic Rhode Island red egg, shaved celery and ground mustard’?

Tara lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“Sounds like potato salad.”

“Why can’t they just say that?” Willow asked incredulously.

“Because they have to justify it costing $15,” Tara replied with a grin.

Willow shook her head.

“Thank god this is paid for.”

A waiter came over to them with a spherical carafe of water and poured them each a glass.

“And how can I meet your culinary needs tonight?”

Willow shot Tara a look, but Tara managed not to break into laughter.

“I’ll have the roast chicken with chorizo stuffing and wilted kale and hasselback potato, please.”

Willow closed her menu and went for her old reliable.

“I’ll have steak and fries. Medium-rare. Thanks.”

The waiter arched his perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

“Do you mean the Rain Crow Ranch grass fed tenderloin filet with triple cooked pommes frites and poêlée de champignons des bois?”

Willow looked at Tara helplessly.

“Is that what I mean?”

“Do you want mushrooms?” Tara asked softly.

“Sure,” Willow agreed.

“Yes, that’s what she means,” Tara said politely, “Thank you.”

The waiter gathered the menus.

“Will you be ordering from our list of select wines tonight or can I offer you a locally sourced craft beer?”

“I’ll have a glass of the house red,” Tara answered.

“And I will have one also,” Willow added quickly, then waited until the waiter was out of hearing distance, “I was afraid to order anything else. I wonder what the hell they call a vodka and coke? Internationally sourced fermented grain liquor with caramel-coloured, caffeine-infused sugar water, swirled together by child Buddhist monks and served in an artisanal boot!”

Tara pursed her lips to keep her amusement contained.

“I can try the bar if you want something different.”

“Thanks, but it’s okay,” Willow replied, folding her arms gently on the table, “Red goes nice with steak anyway.”

“You’re becoming quite the wine connoisseur,” Tara noticed.

“Enough with the French!” Willow exclaimed with mock-annoyance before smiling softly, “I had a good teacher.”

Their wine was brought to them and they clinked their glasses together.

The food followed and despite all the pompousness, was quite delicious. Not worth what they would have had to pay for it if it wasn’t covered by the gift card, but very enjoyable for their special occasion.

As the plates were taken away, Willow leaned over the table and took Tara’s hands.

“I have dessert for you,” she said, suggestively arching her eyebrow, “But it’s upstairs.”

Tara leaned in.

“Why don’t we splurge on a couple of glasses of champagne seeing as we haven’t had to pay for anything else?”

Willow winked.

“That sounds great. Meet me upstairs with them?”

“Sure,” Tara agreed.

Willow went off and Tara went up to the bar to order their glasses. It took ten minutes but she tried to let it slide off her and not set the best part of their evening off to a bad start.

Finally two long flute glasses were presented to her and she tried not to baulk at the price as she paid. She rode the elevator back up to their floor, shook her hair out at the door, then rapped her knuckles against it carefully so as not to spill any champagne.

Willow opened it a moment later, wearing a hotel robe very loosely tied and visibly opened at the chest.

Tara immediately felt a stirring down south.

“Oh, hello.”

“Hello to you, too,” Willow replied seductively, stepping aside to let Tara in, “I ran us that bath you talked about.”

She closed the door behind Tara, took the glasses and led her into the bathroom. The bath was run with bubble bath and had three rose-shaped candles lighting along the side. On the shampoo shelf was a box of chocolate covered strawberries.

“These are your presents,” Willow said with a tad bit of nervous lilt in her voice.

Tara picked up one of the candles and lifted it near her face. She felt the flame’s warmth and got the light scent emanating from it.

“Did you make them?” she asked, impressed.

Willow nodded keenly.

“Uh huh, and I made the chocolate covered strawberries with the fondue set you got me.”

Tara left the candle back down, took the glasses and put them with the strawberries and took Willow’s hands.

“This couldn’t be more perfect.”

Willow approached Tara and pulled on the neckline of her dress.

“It could be a little more perfect…”

Tara pulled the tie on Willow’s robe the rest of the way free, then lifted her own dress over her head. Willow shrugged off the robe while Tara shrugged off her bra and shimmied out of her panties.

They sat into the tub on opposite sides, took a glass of champagne each and set the strawberries on the little jutting out piece of ceramic between them.

“Happy Anniversary,” Willow said, raising her glass.

Tara tilted her glass.

“Happy Anniversary, my love.”

They clinked their glasses and Willow washed hers down with a chocolate-coated strawberry. She saw Tara watching her eat, so did it slow and really wrapped her lips around it.

When she finished, she reached over with one to feed Tara, wiping away some errant chocolate as it flaked off against her lips. As her thumb brushed past Tara’s bottom lip, she closed the rest of the gap and kissed Tara soundly.

Tara suckled Willow’s lip and when they parted, Willow stayed close.

“Where do you think we’ll be on our next anniversary?” she asked softly.

Tara found Willow’s lips again and enjoyed their fizziness from the champagne.

“I don’t know…and I don't care…as long as it's together.”


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