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Adult Confidential (Chapter 40)

TITLE: Adult Confidential

WRITER: Laragh


DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and any other characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise belong to Joss Whedon, FOX, ME and a whole host of other entities, none of which are me.

PAIRING: Willow/Tara (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

SUMMARY: They’ve graduated, now they’re faced with the big, bad world of adulthood…the second part in the prequel series of Hacker Confidential and Family Confidential (and follow-up to College Confidential)

SPOILERS: Perhaps minor references to the show or stealage of dialogue, but nothing that would spoil the series.

FEEDBACK: Yes please

Chapter 40


Willow stood in the kitchen with the freezer door open, holding various cold things to her body to try and cool down.

Summer was well and truly upon them and the worst fate that could bestow someone living in a hot city with no air conditioning had happened to them — their fan had broken.

There was no ceiling fan in the apartment so they relied on their oscillating floor fan to keep whatever room they were staying in cool. It had worked faithfully for the three summers up to then, but had decided to pack up on the day the temperature hit 100°.

Tara had exhausted their popsicle supply while her throat was healing, and while Willow was glad her girlfriend had finally shaken the laryngitis, she wished she’d remembered to replenish the freezer too. It was way too hot to even contemplate making a trip to the store to get some now. Even if she went to the convenience store on the corner, they’d be melted before she got home.

Willow waded through the frozen leftovers and meat to try and find something immediately edible. She was wondering if peas were any good right from the bag when she heard Tara utter some of the sweetest words to ever grace her ears.

“I fixed it!”

Sure enough, the whirring started a few moments later. Willow slammed the freezer shut and ran over to hug the fan to her chest.

Tara stood back proudly with a sweaty brow and screwdriver in her hand.

When Willow had gotten her initial first blast of air, she looked over with a grin.

“You’re sexy when you’re all large with the butch.”

She pushed off the fan and leaned over to kiss Tara’s lips, an activity she’d only just been able to resume to avoid passing any more bacteria between them when Tara was unwell.

“And I’m so glad I can kiss you again.”

Tara welcomed Willow’s kiss just as much. She held Willow’s face for a moment to savour it.

“Mmm. It’s my second favourite thing about not being sick anymore.”

Willow’s eyebrow arched upwards incredulously.

“I only rank second? What’s this oh-so-great number one spot-taking hussy of a reason?”

Tara just smiled.

“I can get off desk work and start helping my kids again.”

Willow reluctantly acquiesced.

“Well…okay. I guess I can give you that one.”

Tara slid her hands over Willow’s shoulders and crossed her wrists behind Willow’s neck seductively.

“Oh, don’t pout. There’s much better things your lips could be doing.”

Willow gulped as Tara got closer. She watched the sweat on her girlfriend’s collarbone slide down towards her breasts.

“I was cursing this heatwave a minute ago…but it’s not all bad.”

Her eyes followed the bead as it fell into Tara’s cleavage but it didn’t take long to find another traveller taking the journey. She didn’t let this one find its destination, instead intercepting it on the way down by licking it from Tara’s skin.

Willow kissed up into her girlfriend’s neck where the spritz of perfume she’d put on this morning mixed wonderfully with that undeniable Tara scent. She opened her mouth and grazed her teeth against the sensitive skin.

She was about to flick her tongue towards Tara’s ear and really get some weekend afternoon fun going when there was a knock on the door.

Willow’s head turned in surprise.

“Are you expecting someone?”

Tara cleared her throat and immediately headed towards the bathroom to splash her face.


Willow gathered her hair behind the back of her sticky neck and went to open the door.

On the other side, Becky was hunched over and panting with a sweaty brow, obviously feeling the effects of the heat in what was quite a stifling building.

“Why… does your building… have so many… stairs?” she puffed out as she struggled to straighten upright.

“Hi,” Willow replied, stepping aside to let her friend in to avail of the sweet, sweet blast of cool air, “Were we expecting you?”

Becky walked right over to the fan and started shaking out the shirt that had become stuck to her with sweat.

“I figured not even you two could screw on a day this hot, so you’d be free.”

Tara emerged right on time to hear that remark.

“Becky,” she greeted with a blush she tried to hide, “Can I get you a cool drink?”

Becky turned around with a warm smile.

“Tara! You’re sounding female again.”

“Ha, ha,” Tara replied with a playful roll of her eyes.

Willow hooked a finger into Tara’s belt loop and pulled her closer.

“Don’t kid, I missed her voice.”

She brought Tara’s face to her and kissed her softly.

Becky huffed out a breath.

“Jeez, I was wrong. Any lemonade going?”

Tara moved away again and went off into the kitchen to pour a round of lemonades.

Willow fixed Becky with that exasperated look that only Becky could evoke.

“Did you need something or did you just want to hang?”

Becky gracefully fell into the corner of the sofa and offered a winning smile.

“I need a favour.”

Willow sat opposite and Tara brought them each a tall glass of lemonade.

“Thank you, baby,” Willow said, squeezing Tara’s hand as she passed the glass off.

“Thanks, Tara,” Becky added before taking a long sip.

Tara went back to the kitchen to prepare some snacks, while Becky leaned forward and got to it.

“Will you be my plus one for a wedding? Remember Kim, my roommate after you? She’s getting married.”

Willow was bewildered.


“I have no one to go with,” Becky replied with suitable sad pout.

“Do you not literally have a little black book full of guys just for this purpose?” Willow asked with a raised eyebrow.

Becky shook her head.

“I can’t take a guy. I’m trying to hook up with one of the super-hot groomsmen.”

“Ah,” Willow replied with a less-than-surprised look on her face, “So why can’t you go alone?”

“I can’t go to a wedding alone,” Becky lamented.

Willow shrugged.

“I don’t see why not. You’re planning on sneaking off with the groomsman anyway. And what, I’m stuck alone at a wedding of a person I barely know and haven’t seen in at least a year?”

“Willow…” Becky whined, “Oh, okay I need someone to chaperone me and make sure I don’t get drunk or do something stupid in front of him. Please?”

Willow let out a long sigh.

“When is it?”

Becky clapped her hands together.

“Next Saturday.”

Willow looked genuinely remorseful.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I’m going to the comic-con that day with Brian. We have costumes and everything, it’s a whole thing.”

Becky threw herself back into the couch and groaned.

“Will you at least come to the bachelorette party? I need numbers to get a group discount.”

“Oh, thanks for the personal invite,” Willow replied sarcastically, “Becky, there’s no way I know her well enough to go to her bachelorette party.”

Becky waved a hand dismissively.

“She’ll be drunk, she won’t care. I have people she’s never even met coming. Come on, both of you can—hey!”

She shouted the last word so loudly it got Tara’s attention in the kitchen, which is what Becky wanted.

“Tara, will you be my date?”

Tara brought over a plate of nibbles she put together and left it on the coffee table.

“Excuse me?” she asked politely.

“Kim is getting married,” Becky explained, “I can’t show up alone and I can’t show up with a guy.”

Tara perched on the couch next to Willow.

“Are you trying to hook up with another guy there?”

Becky threw her eyes to Willow contemptuously.

“She should really be my best friend. She knows me.”

“She can have you,” Willow sneered, though all in good fun.

Becky focused on Tara and actually dropped to her knees to beg.

“It’s next Saturday. Please? Free meal, free bar and I’ll pay for your cab home whenever you want. Pleeaasseee?”

Tara was always one to offer a good deed when she could.

“Okay, if it means this much to you.”

Becky jumped up and punched the air.

“Yay!” she said, first throwing her arms around Tara in a hug, then swinging both arms around the two of them as she shimmied between, “Now you can both come to the bachelorette party and put me at a perfect two-zero.”

Willow cast a wary look behind Becky’s head to Tara.

“There’s not going to be a stripper, is there?”

Becky picked up a peanut butter laced Ritz cracker, just smiling to herself.

“Oh, it’s going to be a classy affair.”

“You said there wouldn’t be a stripper!”

Willow put her hands up either side of her face to shield herself from the image of the male stripper doing his routine in the club that they were in.

The low lighting helped nothing and the rhythmic thump of the music only served to give Willow a repetitive thrusting image in her head.

“I said it was a classy affair,” Becky shouted over the music, pointing to the bowtie the stripper was wearing, and nothing else, “See? Classy.”

Willow let out a loud sound of frustration, so Tara intervened and brought her off to the bathroom to calm down.

“Honey, I think it’s dangerous for your face to go as red as your hair.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you happy about the wildly swinging baloney pony out there?” Willow asked with a derisive scoff.

Tara settled Willow’s hands, trying to soothe her.

“Everyone is having fun. It’s just entertainment.”

“Oh, by all means, go line up for a lap dance,” Willow sneered.

Tara fixed Willow with a ‘look’.

“I already declined one and drop the tone.”

Willow scowled but kept her mouth shut. Tara gave her a minute, but Willow continued to have a pissed off look on her face.

“You’re the one who agreed to this,” Tara stated.

Willow’s hands started wildly swinging again.

“It’s Becky, she talks around you and makes you agree!” Willow spat angrily, “I thought we’d have dinner and come to a club.”

“We did,” Tara reasoned.

Willow threw her arms up.

“Not this kind!”

Tara mirrored her frustration.

“Oh for god’s sake, Willow, it’s a penis not an atomic bomb.”

Willow’s jaw tensed.

“Hoh, oh, oh, if that thing goes off in my presence…”

Tara brought her hands to her face and covered it for a moment while she exhaled.

“Okay. This is not our night. This is someone else’s night. We’re not going to cause a scene,” she stated calmly, “We can get a drink and sit away from the commotion until it’s time to move on, then we’ll slip away.”

Tara found the wails and shrieks of eighteen other women far more disconcerting than the nude male dancing around them. Wild bachelorette parties were certainly not her thing. She still wasn’t quite sure how they’d managed to be dragged there, but was willing to see out the night so as not to disrupt the other women that were clearly having fun, albeit loudly. She could still hear the cheers, even from the bathroom.

Willow still looked grumpy, so Tara ran the faucet and flicked some water at her face.

Willow scrunched her face in shock.


Tara offered her arm.

“Come have a drink with me. Let’s get a cocktail.”

Willow shot Tara the stink eye and Tara’s eyes widened when she realised what she said.

“I’m sorry, that was unintentional—” she started, but waved herself off before she got into it, “Let’s get a fruity drink.”

Willow relented and took Tara’s arm. Tara led her back out into the club but as far away into a corner as was there. There was a plush couch there, facing away from the stages, so Tara sat Willow down and went to the bar to get them drinks.

She checked out the menu, though not too successfully.

“You got any drinks without penis-themed names?” she asked the shirtless man behind the bar.

The bartender looked at her sympathetically.

“I can make you a Green Temptation. It’s vodka lime based.”

Tara nodded gratefully.

“Perfect. I’ll take two.”

He made her two glasses, without making a big show of his muscles like he was trained to. Tara tipped him in gratitude for the lack of performance and brought Willow down their drinks.

“I got us some Green Temptation,” she said, grinning as she sat in beside her girlfriend, “I know I get a little Green Temptation on a nightly basis whenever you look at me.”

Willow softened a little and settled back. She tasted it and left it on the little table.

“They changed the song,” she said, and placed her palm on Tara’s thigh, “I prefer this one. It’s more…feminine.”

Tara swirled the little black straw in her drink, took a sip and left her glass with Willow’s.

They cuddled closer in their own little corner. Willow gave Tara’s thigh a little squeeze and their lips gravitated towards each other until they were kissing.

They enjoyed each other and being alone for the rest of the song and most of the next one until Becky suddenly sidled up to them.

“Uh, you guys have to leave.”

“What?” Willow asked incredulously.

“You’re giving the stripper a boner and it’s a big no-no,” Becky explained, “I mean, I’d call it an above-average yes-yes but the no-touching rule is there for a reason. You’re basically the visual equivalent of that.”

Willow stood right up.

“We are not responsible for his—” she started to splutter, then put a hand up, “You know what? Why am I arguing? Bye!”

She marched towards the door and Tara rushed to gather their jackets and follow her. Becky put a hand on Tara’s wrist.

“You’ll still be my date, right?”

“Yes, Becky, I’ll see you on Saturday,” Tara said quickly before rushing out.

Willow was already stomping home, so Tara caught up and fell in step.

Willow sulked the whole way home and Tara was slightly afraid to say anything, so didn’t. When they did get into the apartment, Willow slammed the door behind them.

“Can you believe that?” she practically screeched.

Tara jumped but kept her cool.

“Honey, you need to let this go. I’m sorry you were so uncomfortable but it’s over now.”

Willow fell into the couch, quite aggressively.

“That’s the first and last male stripper I ever want to be exposed to.”

“Just ‘male’, hmm?” Tara asked with a playful lightness she was attempting to transfer to Willow.

Willow glanced up and saw Tara’s sloped smirked.

It worked.

For the first time she seemed to let out a breath free of tension.

She shook her head to stop the rattling going on inside and offered Tara a deserving smile for putting it up with her.

“I’m not going to blanket ban female when you like to put on a show every now and then,” she quipped, then shuddered, “I will never forgive Becky for those images.”

Tara knew she’d have to pull out the big guns to get Willow away from her hostility. She stood in front of her girlfriend and reached down to slip their hands together.

“Want me to give you some nicer images to imprint on your brain?”

Willow met Tara’s eye and one eyebrow arched.

“You might have to give me all kinds…and plenty of them.”

“We haven’t played Willow Says in a while,” Tara replied invitingly.

Willow’s eyes lit up; her mind finally cleared of anything but what was to come.

She jumped up and patted Tara’s behind, pushing her towards the bedroom.

“Willow Says get your butt in there!”

Tara giggled and Willow became a whole new person, free of the temper that sometimes plagued her so deeply.

She scurried into the bedroom after Tara and closed the door on the rest of the apartment and the rest of the evening.

“Willow Says you’re about to be all mine!”

Tara sat on the bed and scooted up, until Willow approached, waggling her finger.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no.”

She hooked a finger behind Tara’s belt and pulled her right back up. She then pushed Tara away gently and took the spot just vacated; sitting with her back against the headboard and hands folded behind her head. She grinned.

“I was promised images? I’d like to collect.”

She watched as Tara strode back gracefully into a spot in front of the bed.

Tingling with anticipation, her eyes roamed Tara’s body as she waited to see where her girlfriend would start.

There was a clacking sound as Tara freed her belt and then the wonderful pop of a button releasing. Willow’s toes wiggled as she waited for the pants to drop, but Tara’s hands moved away without even brushing the zipper.

Willow pouted but she was soon distracted again as Tara reached behind her neck and released the halter straps keeping her top in place. The material sagged in front but Tara caught it before it fell off her chest.

Tara offered that coy little smile that made Willow melt, before turning her back in a slow sway.

Willow’s mouth dried up as she looked on at Tara’s shapely spine. Soon the shirt was on the ground and Willow didn’t even care about not seeing Tara’s breasts when she had the lovely curvature of her girlfriend’s back to experience.

Tara began to push her pants down, bit by bit. She took the panties with her to maximise the impact she was trying to impart.

Willow caught the dimpling of Tara’s ass as the cheeks were exposed. Her moisture was anywhere but her mouth.

She started to crawl forward and hung off the edge to plant her lips on Tara’s left cheek and take a nibble.

After a moment, she realised what she was doing and glanced up.

Tara was just smirking back.

Willow blushed and sat back. She cleared her throat.

“Willow says she’s losing the ability to speak, so, ah…you are released from servitude. Willow says you are released.”

Tara daintily stepped out of her clothing and turned, exposing herself fully. She flicked her finger to indicate to Willow to move back.

“Now it’s my turn to have some fun.”

Willow was more than distracted by everything Tara’s front had to offer, but moved back, slightly by force as Tara climbed over her.

Tara’s body hovered above her and though Willow couldn’t feel her girlfriend’s weight, she felt every ounce of her presence.

Tara arched her body downwards so it almost, but not quite, touched Willow’s. She watched as Willow’s lower lip trembled, then pressed her lips to it.

Willow tried to angle her face to kiss Tara properly but Tara moved her mouth before she could connect. Tara continued to pepper Willow’s face with the barest brushing of kisses.

Willow’s whole body was tingling and Tara hadn’t even touched her yet. The only contact she got was a brief graze of their breasts from the way her chest heaved with laboured breath.

Tara kissed the lobe of Willow’s ear, then flicked her tongue out to the sensitive canal.

Willow felt it as deeply as if Tara had touched her between her legs. She felt herself grow wetter and had to fight the urge to grind her hips.

Needing contact, her hands slid down to Tara’s ass.

“Resist…” Tara whispered in Willow’s ear, “It will be worth it.”

Willow couldn’t and took another squeeze. Tara lifted her head and looked at Willow with an arched eyebrow.

“Don’t make me tie you up.”

Willow’s eyes widened for a moment, then became defiant and she put her hand on Tara’s back again. Tara took Willow’s wrists and made her hold the slats in the headboard.


She got off the bed and tugged the belt free from the pants she’d worn. She then moved back to straddle Willow and weaved the belt through the headboard to secure Willow’s hands.

They were rougher than the scarves they’d used in the past when playing and Willow found it so much hotter. She really had to take a moment to rein in her breathing but managed after a few lungfuls of air.

Tara ran her fingers down the flexing muscles in Willow’s stretched arms. She avoided Willow’s underarms so as not to induce tickles that they might never come back from. She came close enough just to keep Willow on edge and it resulted in the expected squirming.

Tara enjoyed watching and feeling Willow wriggle beneath her.

Willow knew it, too and may have been ‘enhancing’ things with a little show of her own. Get Tara worked up enough and she wouldn’t have to endure her girlfriend’s almost famous teasing treatment.

Tara’s lips fell into Willow’s neck and kissed up to her ear.

Her voice dropped and she whispered something, just barely audible. She knew her breath was tickling and made a point of using her hot breath as ammunition.

As the last word passed her lips, she pulled back to look at Willow, who was wide-eyed and nodding furiously.

Tara seared Willow’s lips with a kiss, feeling her gasp and air rush into her mouth.

Willow’s wrists pulled against the belt as her body arched to pull in more breath. She got the oxygen she needed when Tara released her, but she quickly decided kisses were more important than breath.

Unfortunately too late, as Tara was already moving away. Willow didn’t have much time to miss her though, as Tara’s body was moving up so close to her eyes she got all the view she wanted.

Finally the best view off all came into sight as Tara’s legs spread above her face.

Willow’s fingers again splayed as they sought to reach up and pull Tara down to where she wanted her to be.

She resigned herself to being out of control but lifted her head to take a nibble of Tara’s thigh. She felt Tara inch closer down until her tongue was close enough to get to work.

She ran the tip of her tongue along Tara’s lips and experienced that first taste. She immediately wanted more and her tongue fluidly swept through Tara and lapped at her opening.

Tara’s palm was pressed up against the wall, but it slammed down against the top of the headboard to steady herself. Her fingers curled around the wood and she spread her thighs at a better angle.

She rolled her hips, gently so as not to put too much weight on Willow. It was hard not to let go but she needed to maintain the air of control and that included controlling herself.

Her fingers tightened against the wood when Willow’s lips brushed her clit. A shaken moan escaped and her thigh slipped for a moment but she recovered.

Willow continued playing with Tara’s clit because she knew it was a sure-fire to unravel her girlfriend. It was actually quite fun to have her hands out of action and have to use her mouth alone to drive Tara crazy.

She was a lot more conscious of her tongue and what it was doing. She was contorting it into all kinds of shapes to add sensation. Her whole face was moving at speed to keep up, fast enough that she could duck away to suck and nibble Tara’s thighs in place of where her hands would normally be caressing.

Tara was almost clawing the walls and pushing herself down with a much more insistent force. Her lower lip trembled with the moans passing by until she was suddenly caught for breath.

The orgasm caught her by surprise despite the fact that it had been building. She let out three short breaths, then one long, very satisfied one.

Her head lolled back as a smile spread across her face. It sprang forwards again after a minute and she enjoyed a few seconds more on Willow’s face before she moved away and sank her butt down onto the bed.

Willow was panting more than Tara and smiling just as big.

Tara looked over at her girlfriend’s smeared face and got warm in her belly all over again. She scooted over and laid down on her side alongside her.

Willow’s arms twisted, reminding her of her restraints.

“Hello,” she said breathily.

Tara trailed a finger above Willow’s eyebrow and down her jaw, before brushing it over Willow’s mouth and gathering the arousal she’d left behind.

She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked the tip before popping it back out, audibly.

Willow’s mouth lay open in a pant and she began squirming all over.

Tara took advantage and laid her mouth on Willow’s, slipping her tongue inside. Her hand curved around one of Willow’s breasts and her thumb flicked the hard nipple.

She both felt the jerk of Willow’s body and the moan that fell into her mouth. She could feel the heat emanating from her girlfriend, so her hand continued its journey south and played with her downy hairs.

Her fingers slid between Willow’s lips and they both sighed together with momentary satisfaction.

It only lasted for a second, and Tara was quick to move further down to enter Willow.

Willow almost broke the kiss through the groan she released, but Tara wouldn’t let her; kissing her as hard as her fingers began to move inside.

Willow was already dizzy and only got more so as Tara slipped out and up to rub her clit for a few seconds before thrusting back inside.

She repeated the same motion again and again until Willow was quivering and barely hanging onto the kiss. When she felt like she’d gotten enough from her girlfriend, Tara lifted her very wet fingers and began a back and forth on Willow’s clit with enough intensity to get her over the edge.

Willow’s response was immediate; her eyes flicking opened and closed until her whole body slumped into the bed.

Tara eased up, gently, then finally laid back onto her pillow and stretched out her fingers.

After a few minutes, she leaned over and tickled Willow’s cheek.

“You feeling better?”

“About what?” Willow asked, almost deliriously.

She remembered nothing past the baring of Tara’s ass.

“About nothing,” Tara replied with a grin to herself.

Willow could barely keep her eyes open.

“Are sex comas a thing? I think I’m in one.”

Tara reached up to undo the best, but Willow suddenly woke right up and pulled away.

“No, leave it,” she insisted, “I like it.”

She stretched her body and smiled coquettishly.

“Plus if I keep lying here all sexy-like, maybe you’ll come at me again.”

Tara turned herself on her side again and placed her palm between Willow’s breasts and bellybutton.

“You’re almost right.”

“Almost?” Willow asked curiously.

“Out by one word,” Tara confirmed.

Willow’s eyes flicked in thought.

“Which one?”

Tara wiggled her fingertips to very lightly tickle Willow’s skin.


Willow started to grin, from the exchange and sensation.

“‘At’, hmm?”

Tara’s hand began to dip lower.

Willow gulped.

“And what would you replace it with?”

Tara smiled mysteriously.

“Let’s find out.”

Willow became lost for breath all over again as Tara moved 'on' top of her.



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