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Adult Confidential (Chapter 39)

TITLE: Adult Confidential

WRITER: Laragh


DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and any other characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise belong to Joss Whedon, FOX, ME and a whole host of other entities, none of which are me.

PAIRING: Willow/Tara (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

SUMMARY: They’ve graduated, now they’re faced with the big, bad world of adulthood…the second part in the prequel series of Hacker Confidential and Family Confidential (and follow-up to College Confidential)

SPOILERS: Perhaps minor references to the show or stealage of dialogue, but nothing that would spoil the series.

FEEDBACK: Yes please

Chapter 39


“Honey, I’m home…”

Tara walked in from work, greeting Willow in the cheesy way she loved.

Willow looked up from reading on the couch and smiled. Tara came over to give her a kiss and dropped a package next to her.

“This was in the parcel box. Your name caught my eye on the way in.”

Willow’s eyes dropped to it and she snatched it up quickly.

“That’s, uh, some, um, new bras I bought. Saw a good offer online, heh,” she said with a nervous chuckle, before whispering to herself, “This was supposed to come recorded.”

Tara was already on her way to the kitchen to get a cold drink.

“Calm down, I’m not going to look at your super-secret package,” she teased with a grin as she twisted the cap off a Snapple, “I know what it is anyway.”

Willow gulped.

“Y-you do?”

Tara nodded.

“Something for your dress up thing at the convention,” she said, swiping her sleeve over her mouth, “It’s called cosplaying, right? I read about it.”

Willow’s eyes were wide and she nodded quickly.

“Oh, yes. Yes, it is.”

Tara came back over to sit near Willow.

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I won’t laugh at you,” she reassured softly, “I think it sounds really fun.”

Willow was touched, but eager to get the evidence out of sight.

“Thanks. Gonna go um…”

Tara just nodded and Willow ran off to the bedroom. When she returned, she saw Tara drinking again and rubbing her throat as it went down.

“You okay?” she asked with concern.

Tara cleared her throat.

“Have something caught in my throat all day.”

“Try some yogurt?” Willow suggested, “I have dinner in the oven. One pot chicken and rice, your recipe. It’ll be a few minutes though.”

Tara started to stand but Willow put a hand up.

“I’ll get it.”

Willow got one of Tara’s yogurts from the fridge, pulled the foil lid off and brought it over to her with a spoon.

Tara kissed Willow’s cheek as she sat down beside her.

“Thanks, honey.”

A few spoonfuls of the cool yogurt did seem to help that uncomfortable feeling in her throat and she cuddled herself into Willow’s side.

“It’s nice to be home with my lady with a whole weekend ahead.”

Willow put her arm around Tara and watched her close her eyes and relax. She liked seeing the gentle quirk of Tara’s lips as her breath exhaled from her nose and tickled her. She admired just how still her girlfriend could be.

“I think it’s definitely a dinner on the couch kind of night,” she said, seeing the weight of the work week had played heavily on Tara’s shoulders.

Tara took in a sharp inhale to get some oxygen into her brain and wake her up for the evening.

“Sorry. Been staving off a cold all week. It’s worn me out.”

Willow gave Tara’s shoulder a little massage.

“Well, we can be Willow and Tara NoPlans this weekend.”

Tara sent a tired but true smile in Willow’s direction.

“How’s that for a married name?”

Willow offered an awkward smile back and quickly jumped up to check on dinner.

“You okay with foregoing a salad? There’s veggies in the casserole.”

“Sure, that’s fine honey,” Tara replied easily, “Can I help at all?”

“Nope,” Willow replied surely from the kitchen, “I love your collection of one pot dinners. One pot, two bowls, two spoons and one very happy Willow who doesn’t have to do too many dishes.”

“I’ll do the dishes,” Tara offered.

“Not what I meant,” Willow replied, smile evident in her voice, “Although you would offer on the night with less than five to do.”

“Hey, I do the dishes all the time,” Tara said, bending her head back over the couch to see into the kitchen.

Willow came over and kissed Tara’s upside down lips.

“I know you do, I’m teasing.”

She picked up Tara’s empty bottle and threw it in the trash.

“Need another drink?”

Tara nodded.

“Yes please. But from the pitcher. Don’t want to drink all the Snapples in one go. I love when you’re able to get those on special offer.”

“You’re so demanding,” Willow replied with mock seriousness as she poured Tara a glass of sweet tea with ice and lemon, “You never ask for anything treat-like from the grocery store so snapping up a couple of boxes when I see that $3 off coupon is the least I can do. Even worth the precarious juggle home.”

She brought it over and left it on a coaster on the end table, grinning.

“Get it? Snapping up the Snapples?”

“Oh so witty,” Tara replied dryly, then offered a soft smile, “And oh so pretty.”

Willow gave Tara another upside down kiss, lingered for a few sweet moments before returning to the kitchen to dish out dinner.

She brought Tara’s bowl over first with a napkin to shield her lap from the heat, and then came back again with her own.

“Dig in. Hope it’s good.”

“Smells it,” Tara replied lovingly.

She dug her spoon in deep and got a little bit of everything. She settled her head on Willow’s shoulder.

“Delicious, sweetie. You treat me so well; coming home to a home cooked meal every evening.”

Willow kissed the parting of Tara’s hair.

“It’s a pleasure to make a meal and share it with you.”

They enjoyed chatting about their day over dinner most evenings but sometimes, like tonight, Willow knew Tara needed a bowl of something she could eat with one utensil handed to her and the TV flicked on to the first mindless movie that came along.

So Willow did just that, grabbing the remote and channel hopping until Tara made a noise that signalled her interest. Willow didn’t recognise the title but it seemed like a fairly generic and innocuous chick flick, which suited her fine.

When she noticed Tara had finished and was paying attention to the movie, she discreetly slipped away to wash their bowls. She put a pack of popcorn in the microwave and refreshed Tara’s drink while it popped.

Tara reached out and caressed Willow’s wrist.

“You’re pampering me.”

Willow winked.

“You deserve it.”

She brought the bowl of popcorn down and sat it between them on their laps.

Tara casually draped her arm around Willow’s shoulders.

“This is just what I needed.”

“You’re easy to please,” Willow replied, smiling when their fingers brushed in the bowl, “Feels like our first date…still giving me the butterflies.”

Tara pressed a piece of popcorn in between Willow’s teeth, then pressed their lips together for a salty kiss.

They settled back in to watch TV and Tara kicked off her shoes to putt her feet up on the table.

She ate a little bit of popcorn but it scratched her throat again, so she left it for Willow to vacuum up. She wasn’t worried; food rarely lasted long around her girlfriend.

They spent the evening watching trash TV, cuddling in various positions and playing footsie when their feet graced the table at the same time.

Willow was the first in bed, as Tara liked to take her time with her night time routine. Willow’s night time routine was to play on her phone, as she was doing now.

She often wondered how she survived the lull of waiting for Tara to come to bed without a smart phone. With much more agitation, she supposed.

Or anticipation.

She thought for a second and slowly put her phone down, then chastised herself for expecting anything from Tara that night knowing how long a week her girlfriend had had.

She scooted down until she was lying on her pillow, plugged her phone in to charge and turned off her lamp.

When Tara came to bed a few minutes later, Willow gave her a squeeze and kissed her cheek.

“Goodnight, I love you.”

She shuffled back to her side of the bed and Tara looked over with a crooked smile.

“Is a cheek kiss all that’s on offer tonight?”

Willow’s head swung back in surprise.

“Everything is on offer,” she said, coming back over to Tara, “I didn’t want to pressure you when you’re not feeling 100%.”

Tara pressed her palm against the exposed part of Willow’s collarbone and ran her fingers along the protruding bones.

“I am 100% feeling you.”

Willow grinned and reached across Tara’s waist to splay a hand around her hip.

“You smooth-talking devil, you.”

They leaned in together and met for a kiss. Before it got too deep, Tara pushed herself off Willow’s shoulders and broke the kiss.

“Put some music on,” she requested softly.

Willow’s lips quirked upwards again.

“Oh, you want that kinda night, huh?”

“I just want to re-lax with my girlfriend,” Tara replied, her eyes falling from Willow’s eyes to her plump lips, “If she’s up for it.”

Willow’s hips were almost hopping off the bed.

“She’s up so high, she’s flying,” she said eagerly.

She pressed her lips to Tara’s fingers, then held up a finger to indicate she’d just be one minute. Tara nodded and laid back on her pillow, settling herself as she watched Willow scoot around the room finding music and candles.

Willow placed a CD into the player and a rhythmic R’n’B tune started to play. It wasn’t the usual music either of them listened to, but it was definitely setting the right mood.

“Say what you want about Becky, but she knows good music to have sex to,” Willow said as she lit a scented candle.

“Did she actually say that’s what it was for when she gave you that CD?” Tara asked with a quirked eyebrow.

Willow looked over her shoulder with a grin and held up the CD case which had ‘Sex Music’ scribbled in large letters on the insert where the song titles should be.

Tara smiled too, shaking her head.

“Don’t tell her we played it.”

“Do I look stupid?” Willow asked as she bounced back over to the bed, “She’ll ask what position we were in for each song.”

Tara turned off her lamp as Willow slid back under the covers, but there was still the perfect amount of light coming from the flames of the various candles to see everything she wanted.

She moved onto her back as Willow got closer and felt that slight rush in her chest as her girlfriend moved on top of her.

Willow watched Tara’s lips part as she had to put a little more effort into breathing. She loved seeing those micro responses to arousal in Tara; each a tiny exhibition building her own desire.

She dropped her mouth to the corner of Tara’s, pressing teasing kisses there for a moment before slipping her tongue past her girlfriend’s lips.

Tara grabbed Willow’s cheeks and pulled her in closer so their mouths were as close as they could be.

Willow’s hand slipped under Tara’s top so her fingers sank into the softness of Tara’s stomach. They crept up slowly, as slowly as they were taking the kiss, until Willow’s fingers brushed against the underside of Tara’s bare breast.

She loved that Tara wore no bra in bed. She loved that she could feel their swell unrestricted and loved to watch as her girlfriend's nipples began to strain through the fabric of her thin top.

Her lips descended into Tara’s neck just so her gaze could steal those glances. Her hand continued creeping up to palm the area.

Tara felt their stomachs brush as they moved; fleeting connections of skin, which sent pulsations between her legs. Her hips lifted and fell back to the bed, pulling the seam in her sleep shorts in a dangerous direction.

Willow heard the sharp inhalation of breath, so had a little nibble on Tara’s skin to draw it out. Her hand slipped off Tara’s breast and raked back down her stomach again. She pulled the strings free on Tara’s shorts in one fluid movement.

Tara’s eyes fluttered closed as Willow brushed against her downy hairs. The near-touch made her shiver and gush with new arousal.

Willow felt Tara’s heat push up against her hand and she dropped in to wet her fingers with the arousal she caused. She knew Tara was struggling in the shorts, so eased them down her legs and off.

They hadn’t even hit the floor yet, when Tara was pulling Willow to her again. She lifted Willow’s top over her head and flung it sideways, then took a generous handful in each hand of what was revealed.

Willow wasn’t one to miss out, so she divested Tara of her tank top too.

Tara sat up back against the wall and had Willow kneel in her lap. She pressed her fingers along Willow’s collarbone and up over her shoulders, then around to caress the hairs at the nape of her neck.

She gave a little tug so they were close enough for their breath to mingle. She let the warmth hit her lips for a few moments before closing the tiny gap to kiss Willow again.

Her hands slid down Willow’s sides and slipped under the waistband of her pyjama pants.

Willow giggled into Tara’s mouth, which made her smile.

She loved Willow’s laugh.

She pulled away, though not without a series of lasting pecks to tide her over while she gave Willow an instruction.

“Lie down.”

Willow scooted away and laid on her back, but Tara made a twirling motion with her finger.

“Other way.”

Willow complied and rolled onto her stomach. Tara moved to straddle Willow’s clothed butt. She drew designs on the small of her girlfriend’s back, just to tickle and tease her.

Willow closed her eyes to appreciate the touches more and was so engrossed, she actually jumped when her pyjama bottoms were yanked over her ass. She looked over her shoulder and watched as Tara’s mouth kissed up her thigh to her cheek again.

She felt the kiss turn into a little bite and an involuntarily moan escaped her lips.

Tara’s mouth stayed on point but her eyes glanced upwards. Willow saw their mischievous glint and blushed. She turned redder, in both sets of cheeks, as Tara’s hand lightly slapped her ass on the other side.

Willow turned her head back into the pillow while Tara littered her butt with lovebites. The little nips were highly erotic and Willow could feel herself becoming dangerously aroused.

Tara trailed her lips to the base of Willow’s spine and her tongue flicked out to stimulate the skin. She could feel Willow trembling beneath.

The music was still filling the room, and moving her body in rhythm to the melodious beat made Tara feel incredibly sexy. She brushed her hair over one shoulder to move it out of the way before licking her way up to the nape of Willow’s neck.

She did this over and over again, adding in the press of her breasts to massage Willow along the way.

Willow’s fingers were loosely bunched in the sheet as she experienced the sensual mix of sensation.

Eventually she felt Tara’s hand snake up past her shoulder, bend her arm upwards and take hold of her hand which was now angled above her head.

The hair on the back of Willow’s neck stood up in anticipation and she gasped as she felt Tara’s other hand slide over the curve of her ass to probe her pussy from behind.

Her thighs spread to accommodate the position.

Tara pressed one finger inside Willow’s walls, pulling her arousal out and coating herself in the process. She added a second finger to give Willow that full feeling and then not long after a third for the sweet stretch.

She watched Willow’s head lift from the pillow for her to cry out in pleasure and didn’t disappoint; offering the friction it was obvious her girlfriend wanted.

Willow grinded her hips down into the bed to complement Tara’s movements, going down when she went up so there was constant pleasure-filled contact. She could feel herself getting close and she knew she wasn’t being shy with her moans to make that known.

Tara’s hand suddenly shifted and while Willow started to look back in shock, and perhaps to beg, when she felt a thumb curl under her and find her clit while the other fingers remained inside. All digits curved towards each other so Willow was being utterly stimulated inside and out.

Both hands clutched the sheet as her hips bucked wildly and with abandon.

Tara moved back over Willow as she had been earlier, pressing her body into her girlfriend’s back. Her nipples were hard from touching Willow and scraped along her spine.

Willow’s eyes shut tight as the swell inside began to rush towards pleasure. Her voice broke into higher and higher vocalisations until nothing could come out anymore.

Her eyelids fluttered as she came, smile plastered on her face and breath caught in her throat.

Tara stilled her hand and waited for that split second in time where the orgasm had passed but Willow hadn’t relaxed her muscles again yet. Just when the moment struck, she thrust at an angle.

Willow’s teeth bit the pillow as another orgasm bubbled over. She thought she might melt into a puddle, though was happy to let it happen.

After a few minutes of stillness, she felt Tara’s hand slip out and come to rest over her ass. There was a little squeeze, a series of squeezes really, which made Willow smile.

Kisses followed along Willow’s shoulder blade and when Willow felt them begin to tickle her neck, she turned herself over.

She reached up and tucked some hair behind Tara’s ear. She loved how soft Tara's hair was and how her fingers would just glide through.

She lifted her head up to tuck her nose in under Tara’s ear to get the fruity scent of her hair. She nuzzled their cheeks together, then slowly pulled back until their faces were close.

She nipped at Tara’s lips playfully a few times before finally engaging in a deep kiss.

Tara slid her tongue into Willow’s mouth the same way her body pressed in; letting their thighs and breasts hug each other.

Their stiff nipples brushed and Tara felt her sticky thighs get stickier.

Willow felt it too.

She shifted her legs so she could put her thigh where Tara needed it, but it became quickly apparent that that wasn’t enough.

Her hand moved between their bodies and her fingers dipped along Tara’s lips. They gathered wetness and she brought the pads over Tara’s clit.

Tara’s lips trembled away from Willow’s as she took in a sharp breath of air. She sat back so she was straddling Willow.

Willow watched Tara’s legs spread either side of her hips and dropped her hand to move inside.

She loved that first jerk when Tara felt her entering and the subsequent spread of pleasure on her face.

Tara was obviously wet and more than ready so Willow didn’t deny when Tara set a fast pace.

She added in her own finger curls and twists to work her girlfriend how she knew so well and was rewarded with the unobstructed view of Tara’s whole body coming undone.

Tara’s palms lay flat on Willow’s abdomen, under her breasts, which she used as leverage in her movements. Her body bounced with each thrust.

She took Willow’s fingers deeply as often as her body would allow and could feel it all rushing towards climax.

As it hit, her fingers bent and her nails dragged along a few inches on Willow’s ribcage. A last, long moan accompanied the release.

Willow loved having little lasting effects of Tara’s desire, like the lovebites and the scratches so she was grinning quite happily to herself as her girlfriend laid back down beside her to catch her breath.

Willow turned on her side to trace Tara’s collarbone and after a few moments Tara turned the same way so they were facing each other.

Tara’s cheeks were still flushed and her hair stuck to her brow, but she could speak normally.

She brushed a finger tenderly against Willow’s cheek.

“I don’t tell you you’re beautiful enough.”

Willow’s smile changed to a softer one and she leaned in to peck Tara’s lips.

“You don’t have to tell me when you show me all the time.”

Tara splayed her whole hand out on Willow’s cheek and leaned in to kiss her again.

They kissed and cuddled as the CD played out, though Willow did have something else on her mind.

“I want some ice-cream,” she announced, then continued off Tara’s look, “What? I worked up an appetite.”

Tara just smiled.

“Go get a bowl.”

Willow grinned, jumped up and ran out, butt naked. Tara rested her hands behind her read and indulged in a luxurious stretch.

Willow returned a couple of minutes later, frowning.

“We don’t have any. I forgot to put it on the list,” she grumbled before sighing dramatically as she fell back into bed, “I suppose I’ll survive.”

Tara looked at Willow for a few seconds, playfully rolled her eyes and swung her legs over the bed.

“What are you doing?” Willow asked with a crease in her brow.

Tara looked over her shoulder as she threw her shirt back on, braless.

“I’m getting you some ice cream because I’m the best girlfriend in the world.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean that,” Willow said quickly, and genuinely.

Tara smiled and winked.

“Sure you didn’t.”

Willow started to sit up.

“I’ll g—”

Tara leaned over and put a finger against Willow’s lips.

“Get a spoon ready and keep the bed warm.”

Willow smiled behind Tara’s finger and nodded. Tara buttoned her pants and left the room, grabbing her jacket to cover her dishevelled appearance and throwing one of Willow’s beanie hats on with it.

She walked outside and to the end of the street to the convenience store there.

She went over to the freezer and picked out a pint of one of their favourites. She had the cash ready to go as she approached the cash counter and the man behind put the ice-cream in a bag so she wouldn’t have to freeze her hands off.

Tara took it gratefully.

“Thanks Mr. Chatterjee.”

“Enjoy,” he replied with his smiling Indian accent, despite the hour.

Tara didn’t dawdle; it wasn’t the most comforting thing to be out alone in the middle of the night, and besides, she wanted to get back to Willow.

She hung the jacket and hat back up together and brought the tub into Willow, who snatched it, although delicately.

Tara undressed again and noticed she’d achieved the great feat of pulling Willow’s attention away from the ice-cream, mid pulling the lid off.

Never one to disappoint, she put on a little show; swaying and covering parts of herself as she disrobed to prolong the anticipation.

Finally she sauntered over, naked, to Willow and popped the lid of the tub off.

“Never say I don’t deliver the goods,” she whispered provocatively.

Willow gulped and had to take a minute to compose herself.

Tara walked back over to her side of the bed and slid back under the covers, appreciating the warmth even more after being outside. It may have been summer, but the middle of the night was the middle of the night.

Willow licked her lips as her coveted treat finally passed her lips.

“Ice cream tastes better at midnight.”

“Is it because it feels naughty?” Tara asked with mirth-filled eyes.

Willow grinned salaciously, spoon hanging out of her mouth.

“That must be why you taste so good all the time.”

Tara started to smile but then brought a hand to her throat as she tried to clear it of the uncomfortable bulge she felt suddenly appear.

“Still scratchy?” Willow asked sympathetically.

Tara felt an ache as she tried to speak.


Willow dug deep into the carton and offered Tara the spoon when she pulled it out.

“Ice cream will numb it.”

Tara managed to complete her smile this time.

Even if the ice-cream didn’t work, Willow feeding her would certainly keep her mind plenty occupied.

Tara woke with her back to the sun but was still able to feel the warmth behind her head and neck.

It was pleasant, especially since the front of her face didn’t feel all that great.

She didn’t feel miserable, but her head was heavy and her throat was sore.

She sat up in the otherwise empty bed and curved her hand around her throat. It wasn’t hot or particularly tender to touch, but it did ache inside. She patted her chest and gave a small cough, which scratched on its way up.

She swung her legs off the bed and looked around for the clothes that had been discarded the night before, but Willow seemed to have already done a sweep of the floor.

She went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of sweats and her too-big college t-shirt. She loosely tied the strings on the sweats after putting them on and settled the shirt so it fell past her waist.

It was a lazy dressing, but she didn’t feel like putting in much more effort right then. She moved on to the bathroom and gargled and brushed her teeth to freshen up.

She finally made her way out to the living room, where Willow was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her laptop on her lap.

“Morning,” she said, turning her attention away from the screen for a quick smile, “There’s coffee in the pot.”

Tara opened her mouth to say thank you but only a wheeze came out, followed by a rough cough. She brought her hand up and patted under her throat to try and aid sound.

Willow heard the odd noise and looked up.

“Baby? Are you okay?”

Tara appeared to swallow repeatedly and opened her mouth again to speak.

Willow slid her laptop off her lap and came over to where Tara was standing.

“Honey?” she asked with concern.

Tara patted her collarbone again, mouth still open.

“You can’t speak?” Willow guessed.

Tara nodded.

“Can’t,” she managed to force out in a low gravel, with some difficulty.

Willow recognised that hoarse sound from her trip to Europe with her parents when she was a teenager. Her father had gotten sick and her mother had acted like he’d personally affronted her.

“Baby, you must have laryngitis,” she said, putting that memory out of her mind to focus on her girlfriend.

She put her hands on Tara’s neck and had a little feel for anything.

Tara had to smile at Dr. Willow.

Willow gently pulled Tara’s chin down and got her to open her mouth so she could look inside.

“Okay, yeah, that’s red raw,” she said, grimacing even looking at how painful Tara’s throat looked, “And I sent you out in the middle of the night for ice cream.”

“Not your—” Tara started but Willow put her finger up against her girlfriend’s lips.

“Don’t try to speak, don’t try to speak.”

She brought her the back of her hand up to feel Tara’s forehead and cheeks.

“Don’t think you have a fever, at least. We should make an out-of-hours doctor’s appointment.”

“Waste,” Tara choked out, “Money.”

“Your health is not a waste,” Willow insisted, but Tara seemed too tired to argue so she gave it up, “Okay. I guess we can see if it clears up. But you definitely need to rest up this weekend. And don’t try to speak!”

Tara held her hands up in surrender and Willow walked her over to the couch. She got her settled with fluffed cushions and a blanket and handed her to remote.

“You are to stay there, cuddly and warm by decree of me. Thus sealed with this kiss.”

She smacked a kiss to Tara’s cheek, then rubbed the spot gently and fixed the blanket over her lap.

When she was happy Tara was comfy, she grabbed her laptop and moved over to the opposite couch, to finish up what she’d been doing before Tara had come in.

After a couple of minutes she noticed Tara was motioning at her. Her fingers were curling and releasing in a movement Willow was quite used to feeling, but not seeing.

It took her longer than it should have to realise Tara was just asking her to come to her. She blushed bright red.


Tara didn’t seem to notice where Willow’s mind had gone and just took her hand when she came forward and put it against her stomach. Willow nodded quickly.

“You’re hungry,” she deduced, “Okay, hmm…how about some soft scrambled eggs and I’ll defrost some chicken soup for lunch? Get some good old fashioned Jewish penicillin into you.”

Tara smiled and nodded gratefully. Willow went off into the kitchen, but returned moments later with a yogurt and a glass of juice.

“Have this while you wait.”

She left them on the end table with a spoon. Tara pressed her fingers to her lips and then reached out to press them to Willow’s. Willow squeezed Tara’s hand, then went back to the kitchen to whip up some eggs for them both.

After an unusually silent breakfast, Tara lay down on the couch and turned on a Law and Order marathon. It didn’t stay silent for long as Tara began to cough. It sounded rough and Willow could only take so much, both from the noise and imagining the pain her girlfriend must be in.

She stood up and put her laptop away.

“Listen, I’m going to get you some Tylenol and cough syrup. Stay warm, I’ll be as quick as I can.”

She disappeared into the bedroom to get dressed and run the brush through her hair so she didn’t startle the good people of Boston with her wild mane.

She could hear Tara hacking her lungs up even with the door closed as she brushed her teeth. She winced. She went out and offered a head kiss for comfort and yet again fussed with her blanket.

Tara felt totally comforted, as intended, and cuddled into a cushion to get even more comfortable.

She dozed while Willow was gone, which was the best part of an hour.

Willow came swinging through the door with two full bags.

“I have medicines, I have Jell-O, I have honey for tea,” she listed, dropping the bags on the table and taking something out, “And I got you a present.”

She brought over a mini handheld whiteboard with a black marker attached on the side. She presented it to Tara with a sheepish smile.

“They were on clearance in the stationary section.”

Tara was touched and mouthed ‘thank you’, then took the board and wrote something.

Willow smiled as it was turned to her.

“I love you too. Can I do anything else for you?”

Tara held her arms open and Willow embraced her in a big hug.

Tara rested her cheek on Willow’s shoulder, but had to pull away after a moment to cover her hand and cough. Willow patted her back gently.

“I’ll get you some cough syrup.”

She went to retrieve the things from the bags and when she came back Tara was holding the sign and grinning.

You are getting so lucky when I’m feeling better

Willow grinned too, but it softened as she got everything prepared.

“I’m already so lucky.”

Tara eyes shined with love, which Willow missed by shaking the cough syrup and working the childproof cap off.

“Now, I want you to take two spoons of this, one of these, and I’m getting a big bowl of soup ready for you. Do you need some tissues? Let me get you some tissues. And those cushions look like they’re losing their fluffiness again…”

Some people might have thought Willow was overbearing, but Tara never would. She had spent so many years where the feeling of the sniffles or sore throat made an already arduous life so much more difficult to bear.

Knowing that pain, and also feeling ‘so lucky’ to have her girlfriend, she would never tire of being truly cared for.

She would never stop being grateful for Willow.


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